The new wine is on the way!

Hi everybody! We regret the delay of this update, but we have had a lot of work these months and we have little free time to write here… All of who follow us on the social media are informed about our everyday lives.

When we finished the harvest of cereal and legumes, we had to select and package them. The wheat was ground to make pasta and part of that legume was intended to do these canned legumes that you love. We also found time to harvest potatoes and put kale! After, we decided to go on vacation to recharge because it expected us a very hard September.

On the way back, we prepared for the new grape harvest and put all the machinery in place. We started to pick on September 9 and it lasted about a month. A month very hard without a rest, but now we can say that the new vintage wine is on the way.

It seems the characteristics of this new wine 2015 Tempranillo Ecolecera IGP Bajo Aragón will be spectacular, as shown the tests carried out at the lab. We are really hoping you can taste it, though you will have to wait because it’s still early.

Now, we are finishing to sow cereal and after we will start to prune the vineyards. We will keep you informed!