The ecological agriculture define an agrarian system which through the use of conservative and/or improved techniques of soil and the ecosystem manage to get foods with maximum nutritive quality and sensory, respecting to the maximum the environment without using chemical synthesis products.

The fertility and the organic activity of the soil are holding by the application of organic matters, cultivation of legumes, green manures or deep-rooting plants in an appropriate multiannual rotation programme.


The health of crops and the pest control, diseases and bad herbs are achieved by the balance of nutrients in soil, a correctly crop rotation and get or set in the vicinity of the plot a varied ecosystem in which natural enemies are balanced.

We try to produce wheat with a high level of protein to obtain high quality pasta, and then turn it in semolina and transform it in macarroni, spaguetti, spirals pasta and little soup noodles. Our production is mainly based on pardina lentils, chickpeas Pedrosillano, white kidney beans, rice, preserved legumes and the mentioned pasta.

The last product we have put on the market is the young red wine, which is produced from our own vineyards of Tempranillo variety.