At the height of the season of the cereal harvest!

It’s been almost two weeks since we started the campaign of the cereal harvest of this 2015. It’s early to assess the performance of the production because these last days we have had strong storms and now we are stopped and we can’t continue harvesting at this moment.

So far, we have harvested mostly fields of oat and barley, and a little bit of lentils. We hope that the storms mentioned above have not affected too much to those lentils fields because these plants tend to sprawl by the force of the water and it’s more difficult to harvest them.

When we finish with the types of harvest mentioned above, we will begin with the top quality hard wheat that we use to make the Ecolecera pasta that you so much you like. And finally the chickpeas, although they are still in bloom.

Now we show you some pictures about how the vineyards are at the present. They look amazing and it seem to be that will be a great year as for production. In addition, those storms, who have bothered us in the cereal harvest, have come brilliantly for both vineyards and chickpeas.

We will continue to inform you during the campaign!