• Christmas 2015

    From ECOLECERA we want to wish you Merry Christmas and we hope you pass good days with your family and loved ones.   We take this opportunity to tell you that 

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  • The new wine is on the way!

    Hi everybody! We regret the delay of this update, but we have had a lot of work these months and we have little free time to write here… All of who follow us on the social media are informed about our everyday lives. When we finished the harvest of cereal and legumes, we had to […]

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  • New section!!!

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  • At the height of the season of the cereal harvest!

    It’s been almost two weeks since we started the campaign of the cereal harvest of this 2015. It’s early to assess the performance of the production because these last days we have had strong storms and now we are stopped and we can’t continue harvesting at this moment. So far, we have harvested mostly fields […]

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    Last week from 11 to 14 we were at BIOFACH NÜRNBERG, the world leading trade fair for organic food. We have been 14 years in a row without missing this event and, unfortunately, we have been the only company of Aragon since the last 3 years. Our community was in the past the second of […]

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una nueva forma de entender el quehacer agrario, que esta apoyada y controlada por todas las Administraciones.


Todos los productos ecológicos llevan una contraetiqueta numerada del Comité Autonómico que haya realizado la última operación de control.


El último producto que hemos puesto en el mercado es el vino tinto joven, el cual producimos a partir de nuestros propios viñedos.

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