Last week from 11 to 14 we were at BIOFACH NÜRNBERG, the world leading trade fair for organic food. We have been 14 years in a row without missing this event and, unfortunately, we have been the only company of Aragon since the last 3 years.

Our community was in the past the second of the country in the number of hectares of organic agriculture, but now it’s the sixth partly due to the lack of aid. The good news despite of this is that the number of companies of this sector not have diminished. And with regard to Europe either. In fact, Spain is the first producer and exporter of organic products of the EU.

More than 80% of spanish organic products are exported to Germany, Denmark, UK, etc. So, the unfinished business is to increase the consumption of this organic products inside of our country. A good example are the German families, which increased last year consumption of organic products over 4,8%.

As for the fair, it is always a success. People from different parts of the world and of different religions are interested in our products. If you know new clients, you can’t say that the fair has gone wrong.